A Letter to the Parents

Greetings Parents,

 We understand it is hard as a parent to assess the quality of a sober living home. This is a difficult time for the addict and the family involved. It is not simply the addict that goes through the trials and tribulations of recovery; those that love them do too. That is why we take the vulnerability of our participants so seriously.  We use discretion in the selection of participants in our program.  There must be a solid determination to stop drinking and drugging and certain ground rules followed.

 We believe structure and support are the best way to rehabilitate our participants in this fragile time. We offer structure by having expectations. Job, school or volunteer work is mandatory. By using their time wisely our participants will create good disciplinary habits that through help of our program will solidify and be useful throughout the rest of their life. We  offer support to make our participants emotionally stable enough to form these habits.  Through the form of house group meetings other participants offer support for each other and create a sort of “home away from home” for all the residents. This is a community we are forming not simply a place to live. This is a family; because the trust in the care of your child is one of the highest responsibilities you can give anyone. I have kids of my own so I don’t take this statement lightly.

Thanks for your time,

 Mike Cirillo

Owner/ Founder